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Is This Thing On?

As a new to-be author with a blog, I usually feel like I’m walking in an unfamiliar place with my glasses off. For anyone who isn’t nearsighted, drive to an unfamiliar park and walk around wearing sunglasses smeared with Vaseline. You’ll get the idea. 🙂

I wrote a novel, roughly 80,000 words to be exact, on a Word document on my iPad. Constant email to my sisters, my mom, and a friend resulted in “Why don’t you publish this? It’s a good story.”

I responded with a very enthusiastic, “Sure! Why not? I’ve already written it. How hard could it be?”

It’s been a learning curve ever since. Maybe more of a circle. Every time I get a task on my “How to be an Author” list complete, a well meaning citizen asks me, “Have you considered X?”

To be honest, until someone asked me, I’ve never really heard of most of the things I do now. And I’m not sure If I’m doing many of them right. Blogging, for instance. This blog was meant to be a central place where readers could learn about me in one place.

So far, I have more Twitter followers than anything, and more people have visited my Facebook page than here. Is that bad? Well, I’m new here, so I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know: For every one blog out there explaining something about writing, publishing, or marketing, there are at least a thousand people looking for their advice.  Does this mean I’m going to start advice posts? Haha! NO.

But this can be a place that other new and aspiring writers can come, read my experience, and relate. If they have a sense of humor, they might even laugh. Lord, I hope they laugh.

Now I’m off for more social media, to learn what a Mailchimp is, and find out how many  bananas he eats in a day.

Happy Sunday!



I have an imagination. A huge imagination. It has been know to get me into trouble from time to time. I've been an avid reader my entire life and now am embracing the writer in me.

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