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Reviews, Typos, and Thunderclap, Oh My!

Every fall, my daughter and I snuggle on the sofa, sip hot cider, and watch The Wizard of Oz. Sometimes we follow it up with Oz, the Great and Powerful. It’s a tradition stemming back to when I was a kid. The Wizard of Oz always came on Thanksgiving weekend and our family always watched it. *Sigh*

What does that have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing. Except I wish that was the weekend I had. Instead, I got the long awaited proof copy of my book, (I know, I know, you’re supposed to review these BEFORE you publish, but I skimmed the PDF file, and they take FOREVER to ship.)  and went into panic mode. It went like this:

“Oh, look! My book came today.” *Snaps pic and posts it on Facebook, and then opens it up to check it out.*

As I flip through the pages, alarms sound and red lights flash all around me. There it is, glaring at me in the most hideous fashion. A typo. I drop the book. It can’t be. I’ve had other people read this over and over. I’ve read it myself at least a hundred times. Finally, I find the courage to pick it up and look again. And then I get brave enough to read the last few chapters, and find a couple more. What? I’m a perfectionist, and one mistake is two too many.

By the time my husband finds me, silent tears are rolling down my face and a shaky highlighter is in my hand. His words: “Em, you did this completely by yourself with peer editing. And the people who read your story must have been so compelled they read right over the typos. You’ve done so well, and I’m still proud of you. Besides, now that you know, you can fix them.”

He was right, and I have. I fixed them that day and called my eBook format person (ie my sister), and gave her my laundry list. By Saturday, the revision was approved.

Which leads me to my next point… reviews. Reviewers might have caught them before it went public.While I was editing Beasts and Savages, I searched for reviewers and started a database. I didn’t submit any requests until the book was published, and once again, am learning the hard way. I have one review on Amazon. Thank you, person who reviewed my book, whoever you are. I really appreciate it. So, how do I remedy this? I offer my followers the chance to get my eBook emailed to them to review. Would you like to read and review my book? Email me at  with a request that includes what format you need, and I’ll send you a copy. For free. Well, for a review. Which in the writers’ world is gold.

And now, for my last scary thing of the weekend review (haha). Thunderclap. It is supposed to be this really great free tool to market. All you need is 100 people to join your cause, and it will promote through them on a certain date/time. Sounds easy, right? I decided to try it out for my Wild Wednesday $.99 eBook promotion on October 21. So far, I have ten people. That means I have 9 days to get 90 people to join me. It’s a lot, but I’m not giving up yet. Would you like to join? Please say yes and click here . That’s all you have to do. Thank you!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wish you well on your Monday. Happy Huntober!



I have an imagination. A huge imagination. It has been know to get me into trouble from time to time. I've been an avid reader my entire life and now am embracing the writer in me.

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