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Huntober Highlights ~ Charlotte Kent ~

Today’s author interview is a two for one! Why?

Because Charlotte Kent is the pseudonym used by Annie Acorn and Juliette Hill when writing their collaborative romantic contemporary women’s fiction/family saga series Captain’s Point Stories.

How exciting, right? Read on to find out what it’s like to be a team of authors!

A-Clue-for-Adrianna_revised2 (1)

Juliette Hill hails from Frederick, Maryland, and Annie Acorn lives close-by in Silver Spring, Maryland, so it seemed inevitable that their Captain’s Point Stories series, beginning with the full-length novel A Clue for Adrianna, would occur in the fictional small town of Captain’s Point, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

How did you become a team of writers?

On January 10, 2013, Juliette Hill and I (Annie Acorn) were discussing how best to organize her efforts during the coming year – author and publisher, and I suggested she attempt a romance series.

In an effort to inspire her, I outlined the basis for a mystery series that I had carried around in my mind for over twenty years.  The series was supposed to be set in a Victorian home in a Midwestern small town with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed heroine, and I thought the basic premise would work just as well for a romance series.

The minute I began writing, I knew we were in trouble, because Adrianna refused to be blonde and blue-eyed, demanding to be dark-haired and dark-eyed, was on her way to the eastern shore of Maryland, and had bonded with a fellow passenger on the plane, who Juliette and I knew nothing about.  The house had morphed considerably and contained more characters we had not envisioned.  In the end, we agreed it would be best if we merely went with the flow, since we could hardly do otherwise.

Where do you do most of your collaborating?

On the phone or at meetings either at Annie’s home or Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge in Rockville, Maryland – the latter location having served as the inspiration for Montgomery’s restaurant depicted in the Captain’s Point Stories series, along with its famous Cream of Crab soup.

When did you start writing together?

Juliette Hill and Annie Acorn met as members of a writers’ group in winter of 2011. Juliette has been involved as an author and Senior Editors ever since Annie Acorn Publishing LLC’s inception in May of 2011. Their collaboration as Charlotte Kent writing the Captain’s Point Stories series was initiated in January of 2013.

What’s the hardest part about working together?

Scheduling the time to both write and market the series, since we both pursue individual writing careers as well and are both involved in the day-to-day workings of Annie Acorn Publishing LLC.


Both of us have a genuine liking and respect for the other as both an individual and an author, and the fact we share similar ideas about romance writing and a love for the characters we have created doesn’t hurt either.

Do you write to background noise?

Juliette:  I enjoy music in the background at times when I’m writing on Captain’s Point stories.

Annie:  WETA’s Classical public radio runs as thread throughout my day and serves as an inspirational source, when I’m choosing piano and violin works for Chase Sheffield and Jack Jefferson to play within the pages of our Captain’s Point Stories series.

Do you scribble your ideas on paper?  Outline?  Is it different for each of you?

Juliette:  I usually write my ideas regarding our Charlotte Kent Captain’s Point Stories series somewhere in my notebooks.

Annie:  I keep a running Word.doc for each Captain’s Point Stories entry, be it a novel, novella or short story. As ideas come to me, I enter them at what seems to be a logical point amongst other notes on the appropriate .doc, color highlighting them to keep them separate from other notations, until they are incorporated in the final manuscript as it grows at the beginning of the .doc.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Juliette:  I get inspiration from the water (ocean, bay, river…) or from memories of happy times spent on the Eastern Shore.

Annie:  Most of my inspirations for the Captain’s Point Stories series have come from the characters themselves, especially the alpha males who frequently waken me at 2:00 a.m. to deliver full chapters of material that, in their world, can’t wait to be typed onto a page until a reasonable time later that day.

Who is your favorite character that you have created?


Female: Aunt Martha, because her presence is larger than life, even though she has no actual dialogue in the books, so far.  We know her through the extemporaneous recollections of others, her actions/deeds as they relate to the town today, and through her will and other writings.

Male: Chase Sheffield, because he’s my ideal man. He’s the total package of brains, brawn, and humility, underneath a tough, professional exterior.


Female: Adrianna Montgomery, because she’s lived in the real world, struggled during hard times, overcome obstacles, inherited wealth, and remained a ‘real’ person.

Male: Jack Jefferson, because he threw off a mentally abusive beginning, made a conscious decision to become better and not bitter, made a success of himself in not one, but three worlds, and still values the basics – love, friendship, family, and honor.

Couple: Jeff and Becca – there’s something about their flowering innocence set against the almost jet-set wealth that surrounds them that appeals to me and their pivotal novel – Love’s Epiphany (not yet published as it occurs further along in the series) is one of my favorites.

… Interesting. A favorite couple. I’ve never had that answer before, and I love it.

Juliette and Annie have several Latest Projects and Works in the Captain’s Point Series If you like any of the titles that are already released below, click on the title for more information, and how to get your own copy : )

Parisian Ghosts – appearing in Annie Acorn’s 2015 Spirited Tales and independently as itself

Love’s Second Chance – fifth full-length novel in the Captain’s Point Stories Series, not yet released

A Chester’s Christmas – a collection of novellas and novelettes, centering on Chester’s Crab Shack, designed to be read concurrently with the first six novels, includes: One Sweet Christmas (novelette), A Magic Cup of Christmas Tea (novella), Finally Home for Christmas (novella), and An Unexpected Christmas (short story).

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Where can you find these great ladies, or keep up on the latest information on Charlotte Kent?

Twitter: @CharlotteKent20




You may also contact the authors at and/or follow them at @CharlotteKent20, @Annie_Acorn, and @JulietteHill1.

Just hearing about Charlotte Kent for the first time? Check out her other Books, Novellas and Stories:

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