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The art of getting back up and going on….

This can be applied to any goal. Writing, blogging, careers and businesses, finding your soulmate, starting a family, buying a house, saving for retirement. Good words from an insightful person.

Inspiration Unlimited

Life is a marathon. Not many realise that it is a long run that every one is in until very late, some even totally unaware. Many fally by the way side, many give up half way and some don’t even start. That’s how it is. However there are some who keep running fighting all the cramps, fatigue, pain and finish their run. I have seen some inspirational videos on the net where some of the particpants fall down just meters from the finish line but then get back up and limp their way to the finish line. Life is not about how you finish your marathon, whether first or last it is important that one finishes it.

Look at the infant babies. They go through stages where they roll to their tummies, crawl on four, sit and then stand up with assistance as their legs get stronger and finally start…

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I have an imagination. A huge imagination. It has been know to get me into trouble from time to time. I've been an avid reader my entire life and now am embracing the writer in me.

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