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Author Highlight ~Aaron D. Hodges~

I’m participating in this awesome little thing called New Year, New Book 2016, 

which means that I have a whole new collection of awesome authors to highlight.

My first author is Aaron D. Hodges, author of YA fantasy Stormweilder.

Check out this review by M. D. Maurice of  WRITING.COM : ‘Well-written and well-polished… A great read so far, looking forward to reading more!’

As a lover of YA and Fantasy, I am putting this on my TBR list for 2016.  If you’d like to do the same, click on the book cover below to check it out on


So, what do we know about Aaron?

Aaron Hodges was born in 1989 in the small town of Whakatane, New Zealand. He studied for five years at the University of Auckland, completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Geography, and a Masters of Environmental Engineering. After working as an environmental consultant for two years, he now spends his time traveling the world in search of his next adventure.

Still unsure if you’re ready to take on the Stormwielder? Check out this excerpt:

Alastair stared into the fire, letting its heat wash
through his damp cloak. The autumn storm had
caught him in the open, drenching him before he could
reach the shelter of a band of trees. The sudden
violence of the storm was a grim warning of winter’s
fast approach.
Thunder rumbled in the distance. Alastair shifted
position, groaning as his old joints cracked in the cold.
He added another stick to the fire. A greedy tongue of
flame licked up the tender wood. Wind rustled the dark
branches above. The fire flickered in the breeze and
blew smoke into his face. Its feeble light cast dancing
shadows across the clearing.
A head appeared in the trees nearby, its long face
staring at him. Alastair gripped his sword and fought to
control the pain in his chest. His horse snickered at his
fear and retreated into the shadows. It was only
Elcano, his constant companion for almost a decade.
Shivering, he released his sword hilt. He knew all too
well the dangers of the night. Once he had been one to
stand against such things. Now, though…
He shook his head to clear the morbid thoughts. He
was still a warrior, and creatures of the dark still feared
his name. Yet lately doubt had crept into his mind. It
had been a long time since he’d fought the good fight,
long before the ravages of time stripped away his
strength. The old man shivering at autumn shadows
was but a spectre of the Alastair who had once battled
the demons of winter.
“If only…” he whispered to himself. The words
haunted him, carrying with them the weight of wasted
decades. If only he had known, if only he had prepared
himself. Instead the great Alastair had settled down
and put the dark days behind him.
Then two years ago, Antonia had come. She shattered
the peaceful world he had built for himself and
dragged him back into a life he had thought long

“Find them,” she ordered, and he had obeyed.
If only it were so simple. Things were never as they
seemed when she was involved. Two years of searching
and he was now farther from the truth than when he
started. The trail was ancient, his quarry adept at
disappearing without trace. He himself had taught
them the skills, but for generations they had perfected
them. Alastair had tracked them as far as Peakill but
there all trace vanished. For all he knew they were
dead. He prayed to Antonia it was not so.
The wind died away and the chirp of crickets rose
above the whisper of the trees. The fire popped as a log
collapsed, scattering sparks across the ground. He
watched them slowly dwindle to nothing and then
looked up at the dark canopy. Through the branes,
he glimpsed the brilliance of the full moon.
Alastair gritted his teeth. She would come tonight. His
hands began to shake; he had dreaded this moment for
weeks. The sickly taste of despair rose in his throat.
The world would feel the consequences of his failure.
“Not yet, there is still time,” the soft whisper of a
female’s voice came from the shadows.
Antonia walked from the trees. A veil of mist clung to
her small frame, obscuring her features. Her violet eyes
shone through the darkness, making the firelight seem
pale by comparison. Those eyes held such power and
resolve that he shrunk before them. The scent of roses
filled the grove and cleansed the smoky air. Her
footsteps made the slightest crunch as she glided
towards him.
“It doesn’t matter. They’re gone and I don’t have the
strength to continue. Find someone else to fight this
battle, I’m done!” he lowered his gaze, unable to meet
her eyes.
“There is no one else like you. You know that,” there
was anger in the girl’s voice. “Look at me and tell me
you would abandon everything we have worked for!”
Alastair glanced up. “I abandoned my family for your
cause,” he forced the words out, struggling to hold
back tears. “I have given everything for you, and it has
all been in vain. It’s over, they’re gone.”
He stared at Antonia, expecting anger, scorn,
disappointment. She smiled. “It has not been in vain,
there is still hope. Elynbrigge has found them.”


Sounds exciting, yes? Good. Now check out this map!


photo (1)

His brother made this map for him. How cool 😉

OK, so now you want to check out the book, right? Click here.

Want more books from New Year, New Book 2016?

Here’s where to start:

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