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Book Expo Guide Part 3: I Survived

Want to know what an author looks and sounds like after a long day of womaning her expo table? Check out below:

On my way home

I was tired. And happy. To me, going there and introducing myself as an author to complete strangers, in person, was a victory. Sure, I’d told my friends and some of my family that I was writing a book, and I shared when I published it with everyone on social media. Some of my friends congratulated me then for “putting it all out there.”

The most important part was that I felt just as, if not more, prepared for this type of event than any other author there. Though I know that being an indie author today is much … I don’t want to say easier… but no one accused me of witchcraft and there was no burning at the stake. I’m fully aware that ten years ago in Ohio that could’ve been the case.

To those early indie authors, the ones who pioneered the way, Thank You. 

I know the journey isn’t complete. Indie authors of a decade or more ago were like Lewis and Clark. Now I and other indies are on the Oregon Trail and the railway’s being built.

My very long point is that this validated me as an author in a way I still don’t completely understand. There’s just something about being in a room full of people who share the same craft and goals as you, holding something you’ve made in your hands, and telling anyone who’d listen, “I made this.”

Okay, Emma, enough with the theatrics, what do I Do now that the expo is over?

Here’s my after to-do list:

  • Share what you’ve learned. I wrote three blog posts about it and have done a podcast where I discussed it. I hope to do more.
  • Thank the coordinators. Just send them a little thank you email. If you plan to come back, let them know.
  • Reach out to the other authors you met. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, follow their blogs. I have one author that I’m sending an interview to so I can highlight her on my blog. Network, people, network.
  • Send out a newsletter. Once you’ve added all your new subscribers, send out a newsletter thanking everyone who attended the expo and announce the winners of your drawing. Because of handwriting issues, I actually sent out the same one three times to catch as many people as I could.
  • Take a break. Seriously. I told a writer friend that I felt like I had a hangover, and there were no drinks involved. This was the Sunday after.
  • Get back into the grove of things. Once I fully recovered, I was more focused and energetic than I had been since the beginning of the year. I actually made a marketing strategy,which is something I’d researched but didn’t think I was “ready” for.
  • Host a giveaway. Or two. Unless you sold all of your books or didn’t take very many to start with, you’re going to have some books left. That’s how it works.
  • Plan to go to another one. Though I most likely won’t go back to that expo, I’m on the search for another to attend. Heck, I’d love to plan some type of book fair in the Columbus, Ohio area. All I need is some other local authors in the area willing to join me.


Now that I’ve given you the low down on attending a live book event, go out there! Sign up for one and have fun! And make sure you tell me about it. I love hearing stuff like that.

So, I mentioned a giveaway.. here it is! Hurry, it ends at the end of the month, and right now 1 out of every 32 people will win a book. It could be you!

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