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This weeks featured Author is Emma Woods

So, this happened 🙂

Author Aoife Marie Sheridan



Lea Corre was taught to value community, family, and The Hunt. Her blood stems from a long line of proud hunters. When Lea prepares for her own hunt, she questions the brutality and morality of the deadly custom. As Lea uncovers dark secrets and delves into her mother’s broken past, she determines she will make her own fate. Along the way she encounters Tanner, her intended prey. His village decides to take a stand against the tyranny of women. When Lea’s prey becomes her captor, she learns more about their lives, the world, and herself. In the end, Lea must choose between two worlds, in which neither she belongs.

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Emma Woods lives in a small town in the Midwest with her husband, her daughter, and her dog. She loves reading and writing. Emma vaguely remembers winning a Young Authors award in the fourth grade, and has…

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The Max power Book Awards 2015 are coming…

Looking for a great list of Indie Authors? Here Ya Go!

Maxpower's Blog


None chosen lightly from a top quality listing… Start your book wish list here …

On 27th November the winners of the Max Power Book Awards for 2015 will be announced.  These will include the Max Power Book of the year 2015, The Max Power Choice award and the Max Power Indie Author Story-Teller award for 2015.

In advance of that date, over the next two weeks I will also re-publish a selection of reviews I have posted for some of my favourite five star reads as well as announcing my top ten favourite reads for the year as Max Power Recommended Reads to help you find your next great Indie book.

The winning authors will be chosen from the list below and you can visit their amazon author links to discover some truly great reads.  It’s getting close…


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Time for that birthday meet and great link party!

Wish Lea a Happy Birthday, and gain some new friends at the same time!

Here’s what to do:

!  Add a link to a blog page you’d like re-blogged/shared in the comments

@ In your comment, leave a social media you’d like a shout out on from your blog

# Re-blog your fellow commenters, and give them a shout out on social media from their blog

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% Have a piece of cyber cake, wish Lea a happy birthday, and most of all, enjoy your new friends.



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A real B-Team effort for a Happy Birthday

Good Morning!

Today is an exciting day, as it is Lea’s birthday.

Up later I’ll have a character interview on all things Lea.

Also, there will be a meet and greet blog share this afternoon. 🙂

But first, let’s get this party started with a podcast from the B-Team comedy hour. Now that Lea’s seventeen, she’s finally old enough to give these guys a listen.  Join her:

Happy Birthday Lea!

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Newspaper Boy Exciting News from Emma Woods!

In addition to NaNo, I’ve been a very busy girl!

If you’ve never heard of the chaos that is NaNoWriMo, let me enlighten you. Nanowrimo is this insane movement to write 50,000 words in the month of November. Can I do it? I don’t know, I’m at a little over 10, 000 words right now. Their projection says I’ll be done sometime in December, but I’m staying hopeful. After all, Book 2 of The Beastly Series comes out in April, and I have to get the done, right?

If you want to learn more about this crazy fun thing that is NaNo, click on their link below:

What else is going on in the world of Emma Woods, you ask?

Well, I’m Goodreads Author of the Week at the

Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Readers, Writers and Reviewers

Check out my page here:

Emma Woods Goodreads

Also, Beasts and Savages is now available on iBook  ~and~

Check it out!

And if that isn’t enough….

I’ve had my very first podcast interview on the B-Team with Corey and Jim. (You can catch them at .19 Productions) As their shows are comedy base, this is a nontraditional interview, and was lots of fun. We discuss everything from how I came up with the idea for Beasts and Savages to the humorous messages I’ve received from other authors.  It releases on Saturday, November 14, and I’ll have a link posted here.

Wait! There’s more! Guess who has their own Twitter accounts? That’s right, Lea, Tanner, and Miller. 🙂

Want to know what kind of hunting boots Lea is shopping for? Follow her:

Want to know what catches Tanner’s green eyes? Follow him:

Curious about how evil Miller really is? Follow him:

And finally, Sunday November 15th is Lea’s birthday!
We’ll be celebrating here with a blog Meet and Greet Link Party, on Twitter with a hashtag chain, and on Facebook with a hunter game.

Feel free to join us in the festivity!

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Celebrating Young Reader’s Day with Liz Delton

I had so much fun doing Huntober Highlights, that I decided to continue to interview authors. Today is National Young Reader’s Day and I’m celebrating with fellow YA author Liz Delton.

Liz is from New England and is the author of Meadowcity and The Fifth City.

Both books are part of her Arcera Trilogy. You can purchase Meadowcity now, and pre-order The Fifth City, which graces Amazon’s shelves on Deceber 3, 2015.

Do you have a favorite book/author?

My all-time favorite is the Harry Potter series. It’s just such a magical world, in so many different ways. I read it almost once a year, usually in the fall/winter. What gets me every time are the tiniest details Rowling buried in the early books, which come back in big ways in later books. That, and the rhythm that they have sucks me in every time.

Where do you do most of your writing?

I vary between my desk and the kitchen table, or occasionally the couch. I’m even known to lug my laptop to work and write while on my lunch hour.

When did you start writing?

I dabbled in college, but I became serious about it only a few years ago. And now that I’ve started, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

What’s your favorite type of writing to write? To read?

The answer to both is fantasy. My bookshelf is probably 95% fantasy books. The Arcera Trilogy that I’m writing is also fantasy–specifically in the adventure/dystopian area. Once I’m done with this series, I’ve got another fantasy book in mind, perhaps a series, and perhaps with a little magic.

Do you write to background noise?

I absolutely need music to write. My go-to is actually trance music, which might seem odd, but it really keeps me focused.

Do you scribble your ideas on paper? outline?

Sometimes I make notes of ideas, but I am lucky enough that once I write these things down, I almost never need to look at it again–I remember it by the act of writing it. As for plotting, with Meadowcity, I made a nice big outline in paper on the wall, with little cards taped to the chart for each scene. With The Fifth City, I got some new writing software that basically had a digital cork board with note cards on it; so I digitized my process. I even made a day-by-day spreadsheet for The Fifth City, to make sure the timeline worked.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I actually get a lot of ideas while I’m driving. Mostly, this is because I’m either stuck in traffic, or have a long drive, so I like to be productive while I’m just sitting there. So I let my mind wander, and once I park in my driveway, I write the ideas in a little notebook before I forget!

Who is your favorite character that you have created?

I’d have to say Lady Naomi Blackwater, the ruler of the fifth city. I distinctly remember the night I wrote the scene in which she first appears; I felt like my heart was racing, and I couldn’t wait to read more of her. Her character is so imposing, and just filled with possibilities. We learn A LOT more about her in The Fifth City, and I have to say, she is currently my favorite character to write.

Where can you get more about Liz and her Trilogy?
Twitter: @LizDelton

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Be Selfless

Beautiful, and important words from Michelle this morning. 🙂

The Ugly Duckling Effect

 Sometimes it’s tough to do things for others without thinking, “What will I get in return?”  We often forget that being a servant to others and feeling that we’ve helped someone else is a reward in itself. This powerful picture is a great reminder to stop thinking so selfishly and instead thinking selflessly.
Find your inner swan♥


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It’s Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big!!

Here’s the gingersnaps Dream Big, Dream Often is talking about! Join us for a meet and greet weekend!

Dream Big, Dream Often

imagesIt’s Meet and Greet Weekend at Dream Big!!

Ok so here are the rules:

  1. Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post.
  2. Reblog this post.  It helps you, it helps me, it helps everyone!  So don’t be selfish, hit the reblog button.
  3. Edit your reblog post and add tags (i.e. reblogging, reblog, meet n greet, link party, etc.), it helps, trust me on this one.
  4. Share this post on social media.  Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new bloggers to follow.  This helps also, trust me.

Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and meet n greet your butts off!

See ya Monday!


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