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Read Any Good YA Books Lately?

As an adult reader and writer of YA/NA fiction, this post rings very true.

Casia Schreyer - Author

The internet seems rife with literary debate these days. If we’re not arguing about what our writing and artwork is worth we’re arguing about who is allowed to read which genres. Which is silly if you really think about it. 

Let’s take a break from literature and discuss music for a moment. Here’s a boy, he’s 15 years old, he’s white, he comes from a good home with both parents and a few siblings, hell they even have a dog and a white picket fence. This boy listens to rap music. Can you imagine a society where only black underprivileged teens can listen to rap music? Okay, maybe some people like that idea since they don’t like rap music and don’t want their kids listening to it, but then consider this: if you don’t live in a city center you have to listen to country music only. If you do…

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Free Kindle Weekend


My friends at Support Indie Authors are having a book sale/giveaway this weekend. Stop by, say hi, and get some really great free books. Click on the pic above to check out the sale.

To celebrate along with them, I’ve put Beasts and Savages for free this weekend, too! But hurry, it’s only for today and tomorrow. Already have your copy? Share this blog post with your friends, so they can get Beasts and Savages, too!

Instructions to get your free copy: Click on my cover below, click “buy now for $0.00”, read, enjoy, and share with a friend 😉