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The Secret King: Lethao by Dawn Chapman

Kendro, King of the Aonise, can do nothing to prevent their sun from collapsing, consuming their home planet Letháo in a single fiery blast. Running out of time and options, he evacuates the entire population, setting off into the unknown galaxy in four crowded ships. Under constant danger from their ancient enemy, the Zefron, treasonous dissent seeps into his inner circle. Threatened inside and out, Kendro struggles with who to trust, until a mysterious vision finally brings hope to the distraught King. A new home awaits the Aonise, if Kendro can only unite them long enough to survive the journey.


Spirit of the Lone Horse by Ani Manjikian

A horse. A woman. A dream.
Nine years ago, things seemed simple to Jo Mason. She was going to be the first woman to raise the USMB International Championship trophy above her head. Double tragedy strikes the beginning of her quest. First, she finds her longtime companion dead in his stall. Second, his replacement almost kills her.
Now, she wonders what she’s meant to do with her life. Her fear of horses has left her estranged from her family as well as doubting and second-guessing herself.
During a quiet walk in the woods, she’s confronted by the rogue stallion’s son and a choice. Take control or keep running.

Sigrun by Deidre Mapstone

The Lundgrens own and operate Sigrun: A family restaurant on the shores of Mount Desert Island, Maine. They are a hard working, every day, American family. But like every family, they have their secrets, some stranger than others. The way these secrets unfold may surprise you.
Their tale begins with a familial ease considered unique to most, but their seemingly perfect relationships are ordinary compared to what hides beneath the surface.


Planet Woman by Judith Rook

Lewis Brock, First Peer of the ancient Haute-Forêt family on the planet of First Home has been used to having his own way, so far as women are concerned. But when he is sent as envoy to a reclusive planet called Circe he meets a woman who will not let him have his own way.
Tethyn Claibrook-Merjolaine lives her own vital and useful life on the planet she loves and plans never to leave, but although she clings fiercely to her independence, the appearance of the intriguing and commanding man disturbs her happy and comfortable existence.
Tethyn must escort the envoy and his entourage on an expedition to her hidden family home. During the excursion Tethyn admits to herself that she has come to love Lewis although in return she cannot hope for anything other than his desire. But desire is not enough, and when Lewis wants to take Tethyn to First Home, she refuses him.
Then personal danger for Lewis arrives. An enemy has followed him from First Home, and lives begin to alter.

Summer of Fire by LG Surgeson

It is a Time of Legends
It is a Time for Heroes
It is Time for Last Stands.
Some will live, some will die and some will last forever.
The Summer of Fire changed everything- who will survive to see the Winter That Follows?

The Winter That Follows by LG Surgeso

The Summer of Fire has burned away. The younger gods and their champion have defeated Krynok the Hunter, who had called himself the All-Father. General Salamander has been destroyed and slowly Tartaria is reuniting to heal the Clans and the land. The world has been left dazed and flattened, trying to pick up the pieces. Those that have survived find themselves standing amongst the ruins with empty hearts, waiting for faces they will never see again. It has not occurred to many that this might be the greatest challenge of all.
Once the glorious struggles of the Summer are over, somehow you have to find a way to live through the winter that follows.

The Freetown Bridge by LG Sergeson

The first book in the Aberddu Adventures Series, following the escapades of a group of adventurers as they try to bring down a much bigger evil.

Any who believe the Freetown Bridge to be a monument to Freedom have sadly misjudged the dark intent of the Frisian Inquisition. Thousands of slaves have been snatched to help with its construction and the fears of its purpose are building across the continent. Shrouded in mystery and heavily guarded, it nears completion. Unable to stop themselves, a small group of Adventurers from the renegade City State of Aberddu seek to join those who would destroy it. A rag-tag gang of mercenaries, priests and green-skins prepare to stand up to the might of the Red Inquisition before they discover that the enemy is closer than they realized.

Dawn of Darkness by LG Surgeson

The second book in the Aberddu Adventures Series chronicling the exploits of the Aberddu Adventurers Guild.
The shadows are deepening. Disappearances along the Paravel border have troubled the Resistance.
Defenceless, the peasants wait for the evil to come.
It is only a matter of time before they will be consumed.
Night falls, but the peasants dare not sleep.
Something lurks in the shadows of the forest.
Is it the Scathach?
Or is it something much worse?
The Inquisition are up to something. Whispers breed fear among the peasantry as the Adventurers Guild seek the source of evil. Will they find what they are looking for?

In Shadows, Waiting by LG Surgeson

Anoveld: the flag ship base of the Black Inquisition, a hideous nightmare becoming reality. The resistance seek a solution, and beg the Adventurers to intervene. Meanwhile, employed by the Guild Below, Iona and her companions seek out a path to the base. An uncomplicated task that should not take them out of the City. Simple. Or is it?

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Tissue of Lies by Carole Parkes

Julie Simpson had always suspected the dear couple who’d raised her were not her real parents. To her horror, she discovers her fears are well founded; even worse, this couple took part in her abduction when she’d been just a baby. Secretly, she seeks out her real parents and forms a relationship with them, but owing to the necessity to safeguard her mum and dad, it’s a relationship formed on lies. Julie’s husband John, in on the secret, fears there is something odd about her new-found parents, particularly her birth mother Jeanette, who strikes him as being insincere.  As the relationship deepens, John soon forgets his initial worries. Perhaps he would have been wiser to heed his instincts, for all is not as it seems; there is something odd about Jeanette.  Surprisingly, her revenge is not meant for her daughter’s abductors, for there is another, even older score that she wishes to settle. It’s a tale of lies, deceit, greed, revenge and much more.

Trouble in the Keys by Susan Stafford

This mystery takes place in Key West, FL. Maggie owns a herb shop & she thinks her wild & broke long time friend Liz is in town for just a vacation but she’s on the hunt for something hidden years ago that could help her out of her growing gambling debts. As she tries to hide her debt from Michelle, she makes a new friend, has some fun, works on her tan but people are murdered and kidnapped. Trouble seems to have a way of following Liz….


Spirits in the Keys by Susan Stafford

This Bone Island Mystery, Spirits in the Keys, takes place on the southernmost point of the United States. A hurricane is brewing off the coast of the Florida Keys. As the storm grows near, Liz and Maggie, owners of The Daydream Shop & Spa are trying to following mysterious clues left by a murdered artist. Another artist is murdered and this time The Daydream Spa is the scene of the crime and the victim is a close friend.
While trying to find out who killed their friend, Liz and Maggie end up on a daring adventure with a ghost and a voodoo princess.

Young Adult

… Before You Leap by Les Lynam

Sean Kelly considered himself an average 16-year-old, living in an average neighborhood in a small University town. Nothing too exciting ever happened in Grover’s Corners, Missouri; some might even label it boring. His ordinary life was disrupted when a distant relative dropped by at the beginning of his Junior year in high-school. A distant relative from the 23rd Century.




Pleasantwick by M.L. Stoughton

Luke Sotheby is in trouble — in more ways than one. Not only is his magical world, Pleasantwick, under attack by dark witches, but his ancestral home, the very portal to that world, has been bought by a commoner. And worse … he’s falling for the commoner’s daughter. Melinda is smart, sweet, brave. She makes him feel things he’s never experienced — and for an empath, that’s really saying something. At a time when all his energy should be focused on the preservation of his home and the safety of his people, Luke is drawn to Melinda on a soul-deep level that’s impossible to ignore.
As the magical battle spills over into the common world, the young couple begins to face dangers the likes of which neither has ever known. Lives will be lost, secrets revealed, and if Pleasantwick falls, Melinda and Luke could be separated — forever.


Captivated by the Winter King by Mistral Dawn

Kate is a woman on the run. After years of being physically and emotionally abused by her fiance, she’s finally had enough. But leaving might be even more dangerous than staying, so she needs to get as far away as she can as fast as possible. A late night, desperate drive through the pouring rain ends suddenly when a cat appears in the middle of the road. While trying to avoid the half-drowned creature, Kate loses control of her car and crashes through a portal to Fairie.


Nwa Pante Rising by Kawanee Hamilton

Shiloh Campbell is a were-pantheress who doesn’t know it and she’s in her first heat. Turi Holden is a Tom, whose interest in her isn’t just physical. He governs supernatural beings from The Enclave, a temporal anomaly on earth. To live among humans you should be registered with The Council, Shiloh isn’t and she’s in his territory.
The Enclave has been around longer than we have; the beings inside are the basis of our legends. Inside the Enclave supplies are running low and people are suffering, they need to forge diplomatic relations with the human world. Preparations are underway when Shiloh and Turi are kidnapped by Ron White, a former business partner of Shiloh’s father.
Ron has an axe to grind and knows just enough to be dangerous. He plots to expose and wage war on their kind and unwittingly The Enclave in the process.



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